Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jet Boat Races Coming to St. Maries

The St Joe River is getting more and more well known, not just for the fantastic fishing, amazing scenery or that it is the highest navigatible river in the world, but because of the World Class Jet Boat Racing.  Here is a recent article that I wish to share with you regarding this upcoming event. 

The event last year was fantastic, we hosted some wonderful people and I am very proud to say that the winner of the entire race which took place on 3 differant rivers over a period of 10 days stayed with us...Ryan Rogers and his fantastic family were so enjoyable and we loved every minute of their stay.  We also learned alot about racing.  Wow, is it ever in their blood!

Last year, the St. Joe River provided the first leg of the 2012 World Cup Jet Boat Races. The event was deemed an astounding success; racers and fans enjoyed the event enough to encourage organizers to bring back the boats. And here they come!
Make plans now to attend the 1st Annual Race the Joe! in St. Maries May 17-19, 2013.
The race events begin Friday, May 17 with the Community Show & Shine. It's a free event beside the Cormana Building in the lower City Park. Spectators and race fans will be able to view the race boats close up and talk with race teams starting at 6 p.m.. As with  last year's World Jet Boat Races on the St. Joe River, there will be a fantastic fireworks display after the sun sets.
Friday night's fun will be followed by two days of racing on the St. Joe River from the Idaho Forest Industries Landing, located just a mile from St. Maries on The St. Joe River Road, to the Calder Bridge and back with several race legs along the approximate 25-mile course each day. Spectators may watch the action for free along any riverbank with public access. Both sides of the river will give spectators fantastic views up and down the river as the boats come screaming through the rapids at speeds reaching 140 MPH.
Racing begins at 10 a.m. both days and continues through the late afternoon.
Don't miss it!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Take the Time to Count Your Blessings

As I was taking JayJay for his daily walk today I was simply amazed at all the beauty that is just outside my door.  Each day he gets downright abnoxious and literally "in my face" until I put on the walking gear...consisting of an old lavender coat, hat with scarf, mittens and 3 dog treats in my pockets.  He gets excited about the simple things in life, like going for his daily 3 mile walk, getting to ride in the car with Cary to town or the dump, and waiting for the treat lady to show up with doggie treats for every dog along Shepherd Road.  I would hate to see her Costco bill each month just with the amount of dog treats but every dog loves her.
Anyways, our walk was quite brisk this morning as we clipped along with the weather being a balmy 24 degrees.  No lingering or you may freeze in the spot.  JayJay's whiskers were frozen.  However, the fields were magnificent with the ice twinkling, the snow made everything look so peaceful and the blue sky made the snow covered mountains look like something out of a fairytale. 
I hate to say it but I did not have my camera with me and did not capture this beautiful scene, (these were taken a few weeks ago)  but I spent alot of time just appreciating each and every thing that nature was offering as I strolled along.  Sometimes we do not take the time to appreciate or thank God for all the blessings He so abundantly gives us on a day to day basis.  But today I thanked Him for allowing us to live in an area that has many times been referred to a "little slice of heaven".  However, with that thought I was caught off guard that I never think of winter in heaven.  I guess because I love sunshine, hot days and palm trees....along the ocean, I have been thinking that heaven is going to be more like that.  Who knows, maybe the ski bums will live in an area with lots of mountains and snow, while I spend eternity on the beach under a palm tree.  It was kind of fun to think about anyway.