Sunday, February 20, 2011

Having a "Spa Day" is the Perfect Birthday Present

This past week we hosted four gals at our bed & breakfast.

The plan for the day: To help celebrate a birthday for one very special gal by giving her an afternoon of well-deserved relaxation, friendship and total pampering. However, this was not going to be enjoyed just by the birthday girl but all four of the gals!

This party kicked off with a round of mimosas and hors d'oeuvres while our in-house massage specialist offered a fantastic foot soak with peppermint oil for tired feet-followed by a tantalizing foot massage, sea salt scrub to remove any dead skin-more soaking-and then a de-stressing peppermint lotion massage.

While some were soaking their little footsies, another would be in the calm, soothing room relaxing on the massage bed listening to soothing spa music and enjoying a lavender exfoliation treatment-AHH-the rubbing of the skin releases any rough and dry particles making the pores ideal for soaking up the lotion for maximum retention.

A quick rinse in the double-headed 5'shower will take away any residue and the opened pores welcome the pomegranite/fig non-oily hydrating massage creme used for this much needed body massage. Did you know that "falling asleep" while enjoying a massage is actually a very nice compliment? ? So don't feel bad when Kirsten has to wake you up; it just means that you are TOTALLY relaxed and enjoying immensely.

The final part of this most memorable afternoon is a paraffin wax hand dip that leaves your skin feeling like it is 18 all over again! With the gentle river to observe from the Great Room, soothing music and relaxed atmosphere, along with friendship and good conversation-this is just the type of afternoon of pampering that could lift anyones spirits in the middle of winter and make you wish that birthdays came around more than just once a year.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spread love on Valentine's Day and every other day

Today is Valentine's Day. This is a day to show your love to your spouse, significant other, or just anyone in your life that you love. It is great to have a day set aside just for this purpose but would it not be better to make sure that 365 days out of the year you took the time to show your love? Of course the card companies, florists,candy shops,restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts like the business this one big day brings but we should try to make "each" day special for our loved ones. If Valentine's Day arrived before you could plan a big surprise getaway don't fret. Just pick up your phone and call us (208-245-8687) to confirm a future romantic getaway and keep the love going. Remember, these memory makers are a huge "Inn"vestment in your relationship.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Beauty of Winter in North Idaho

Winter is always a time to slow down a little in life and just take the time to appreciate all the beauty just waiting to be enjoyed.

This picture is of Cherry Creek, just a little creek that runs into the St. Joe that I have the pleasure of walking by every day when I take our dog JayJay for his walk..which is the highlight of his day. Yesterday it was so cold that you could actually view the tiny little frozen flakes that were spread along the weeds in the field. It looked like tiny diamonds just scattered all over. Truly amazing, plus it made me forget just how cold it is when the thermometer is hovering at 18 degrees.

I will have to admit, I do not enjoy winters nearly as much as I do summer as I like warmth and carefree days. But when the sky is blue, frost or snow on the ground and a peace that is unexplainable, well, that is what it is. Just unexplainable and I love it.